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"I've been working with Kate, engaging with her to help with creating branding, marketing material, a 'killer sentence', social media content ideas and images etc, including digital branding & a zoom background, for my newest venture. I've found the process to be easy & straight-forward. Kate is easy to discuss issues & ideas with & wasn't sensitive about the ideas we ruled out as that was always pointing us in the direction of the ideas we ruled in. Kate is also an excellent sounding board."

Rebecca Moloney
IT / Digital Recruiter

"I attended Kate's Brand strategy workshop yesterday and I really enjoyed it. Working with other people in a similar situation is really rewarding as we were able to support each other with our growth. Kate guided us through a clear process to help us to clarify and crystallize our business offering and it helped me to define my services in a way I had been struggling with for some time. Thanks Kate!"

Jo Killgallon
Mindset Coaching for Leaders

"I attended one of Kate's branding workshop and it was superb. Very interactive and engaging. I learnt a lot more about how important to get your branding content out there more effectively. Also examining marketing strategies and creating a killer sentence to gain more business! It was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. Thank you Kate."

Kerry Burgess
Cheshire Business Directory

"This week I attended the inaugural branding workshop by Fox Graphics, it was a brilliant session great group of people brain storming all helping each other with our businesses. I would highly recommend Kate, she is fantastic at what she does and has the experience to guide you whether you are a new start up or existing business that's needs a refresh or simply just want to spend time with like minded people and get some inspiration! Thank you for all your help and support."

Jacqueline Eyre
Published Author

"Kate Fox, where do I begin. Follow the Fox for sure. Kate truly is a proffesional when it comes to marketing knowledge. Her philosophy is utterly refreshing and assuring. With proven expertise gained over several years she’s delivers real tangible results for her clients and commended highly in the industry by her peers and I can see why. She is dedicated in putting forward credible ideas, concepts and strategies. Kate beliefs will best serve clients with truth, consideration to every detail resulting individuality for every client. With one aim to deliver a first class leading service you’ll find hard to beat. Thank you for all your help and support."

John Galloway
Co-Founder - Changing the World One Drive at a Time

"Had a great seminar meeting with Kate Fox regarding branding and marketing strategy and a follow up strategy meeting regarding putting the plans in place to grow my Resonate Financial Planning client base within Cheshire. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kate for her knowledge, enthusiasm and skill at helping you develop your business."

Helen Nightingale
Financial Adviser


Last year, I released my Fox Graphic Survival Kit aimed at helping businesses to overcome any challenges while navigating the new normal. During this time, I highlighted the importance of social media, virtual networking, planning, branding, messaging, advertising and more. 

It was great to see so many businesses benefiting from my daily tips and many directors got in touch to tell me exactly that. 

But with restrictions officially released and life seemingly heading back to normal, how exactly do you ensure your business keeps its head above the water? And what plans have you made to keep your business moving forward, both in the short and long-term? 

Why am I asking you this? Well, because I read that 660,000 businesses fail every single year and that’s before we even take into consideration the rippling effects of a global pandemic.

Common reasons for this are because they simply ran out of cash, were outcompeted or didn’t have the right marketing in place… 

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